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A DAY OF DANCE – 16th November

Ukitopia Arts Collective supports Ukind in presenting a Day of Dance  at the Uki Primary School as part of the Ukitopia Creative Weekend.

$5 for each 1 hour workshop, or $20 all day

This programme is best for beginners to intermediate level and over 12 years old.  (We will do a children’s day soon!)  Men and women welcome.
Please be there a little before the workshop you wish to do as we will need to keep to times.  Thanks!



 Sacred Circle Dance

Sacred Circle Dance is an ancient tradition common to many cultures.  These often simple and repetitive dances were danced in a circle to honour nature and her cycles, to celebrate special occasions sacred circle danceand rites of passages, and to create a sense of community and connection. Many of the dances, hailing from European countries and elsewhere, were gathered by Bernhard Wosien and brought to Findhorn where they were taught and taken out into the world. They are easy, fun, and joyous, connecting us back into a long lineage of dancing with our ancestors – all are welcome!
Sue has taught Latin and Ballroom dancing for many years, but she is most passionate about sharing Sacred Circle Dance because of the sense of unity and harmony that is created and felt by all who dance.

Capoeira – Dance/Fight/Game

Capoeira was “born of a burning desire for freedom”, having been created by African slaves in Brazil as they disguised their embryonic fighting art as a dance. Today it has evolved into an amorphous blend of self-defence, music, dance, acrobatics, poetry, legend, theatre, philosophy and fun. This workshop will introduce some basic movements of capoeira and culminate in a jogo (game) in the roda (capoeira circle.)
Facilitator: My capoeira name is Marimbondo, I began training capoeira in 2001 in Ireland and have studied with a number of schools and Brazil, primarily Grupo Candeias, Capoeira Sul da Bahia, and Bantus Capoeira. It should be noted that I’m not a teaching as a representative of any particular school, nor am I qualified as a profesor or mestre of capoeira. My intention is to teach capoeira in the spirit of camaraderie and enjoyment, open to all.

  Argentine Tango – Dancing a Dialogue.

Esther_Argentine TangoWhen two people step into the embrace, a truly sensual experience begins as tango is more than just a dance.  Tango is real inner communication between the dancing partners. It is about discovering yourself and your partner. The enthralling music drives and inspires the two of you in forward motion as a singular entity.  Tango touches you deep inside. The lead, the follow and trust between partners are the key elements of the dance.
Esther Zellweger has immigrated to Australia two years ago. The Swiss born teacher has acquired her tango skills with the Swiss Argentinian couple Dani y Lorena Ferro, two famous professional show dancers, well known througout central Europe. Further dancing studies had her practising with many other acknowledged tango instructors as Annatina Luck y Daniel Aranda, Rolf Schneider, Silvio Grand, Solange Chapperon y Rodrigo Fonti, Quique Miller and many more.  Living in Byron Bay, she offers private classes to single people and couples and regularly teaches Tango Argentino for Beginners at the Byron Community College.

 Middle Eastern Dance. (Bellydancing)

Janaki is a beautifully gifted dancer with a strong connection to the earth and spirit.  She has been doing Middle Eastern Dancing for 36 years and is able to teach in a very inspiring and accessible way, an exciting fusion of styles from many different teachers.  This class is open to any level of fitness.

 Sacred Fusion Dance

Sacred Fusion is a freestyle, almost contemporary fashioned dance.  It’s deepest purpose is for self-alignment.  Enriching your connection to your eternal beingness and all that is.  Each Sacred Fusion Class is lightly guided and or has a specific genre.  Sacred fusion is progressive with its learnings, and unfoldments.  Shae’s enduring interests in philosophy and metaphysics brings together this style of passionate dance and movement for personal freedom, growth and creative expression.

Old Time Elegance

Old Time Elegance gives you the opportunity to step back in time and experience the charm of Waltz.   All dances are done in a circle and are progressive, so we change partners.  The waltzes are at a beginner level and easy to follow.  Your facilitator, Nicola, will guide you through the steps.  No previous dance experience is necessary.    Singles and partners, everyone is welcome.  So come along and enjoy the feeling of Old Time Elegance.   It’s as easy as 1,2,3.
Nicola is the choreographer for Wedding Waltz, a Northern Rivers based business that specialises in teaching couples their Bridal Waltz.

For more information please contact Sue Collins: sumaree@bigpond.com



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