Billy TK Senior

billy TK snr pic

Sunday 17 Nov @ 3.00pm – Mainstage, Uki Buttery

Billy TK Senior is a Kiwi cultural icon and guitar legend; an intense and exciting artist who has entertained crowds in New Zealand and around the world for the past thirty years.

Best known for his blistering guitar solos in bands like ‘The Human Instinct’and Powerhouse , similar in style of Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton. He is however a man of many parts. A prolific songwriter, he plays stunning acoustic guitar, electric waiata, pulsing pacific rhythms, and tours reguarly with his band playing original compostions , psycedelic  rock , blues and fusion.Has also recently been doing shows with fellow NZ guitar guru Doug Jerebine.

INTERNATIONAL MUSIC SCENE – Supported and/or toured with: John Mayall: Sonny Terry and Brownie Mcgee: UB40: Joe Satriani:Black Sabbath: Elvis Costello: Renee Geyer: Split Enz ,the late nineties saw him invited onstage with Carlos Santana  at the bigtop in Auckland with Carlos handing him the solos on his version of Bob Marleys Exodus.

He recently appeared on ‘Big Day Out’ in Auckland supporting a host of artists like Iggy Pop, and at the Powerstation supporting Texas rockers ‘’ Kyuss Lives’ :

Has teamed up with NZ Blues divas Katy Soljak and South islands Tracy McEwen [T. Race.] for a rockin’ Joplin / Hendrix tribute show which has wowed fans in Gisborne  ,Waiheke ,Wellington and South island . He called this band ‘The Band of Gypsy’s .

He also has two sons in music, BillyTK jnr and Mara TK and both have their own bands, the BillyTKjnr Band, and Mara’s band is Electric Wire Hustle ,Billy and Mara are currently working on new material for their new albim entitled ‘Maori’s in Space ‘..He plays with both bands from time to time ,both bands tour internationally.

Billy has a humantarian aspect to his work, and is committed to supporting the message of inner Peace.Governments and institutions cannot bring us peace, he says it is up to us the people to firstly practise peace in our lives and then share it with all the people on the planet.When we all can do this there will be true world peace.

He has recently been in Europe having been invited to speak and perform at the ‘Lothlorian

Peace Festival in Foulain France alongside guests from the Hopi Indians ,Mayan Indians from Guatamala, Mexico ,Japan ,Norway,Netherlands and New Zealand..Four years ago he was nominated by the Northern Maori chiefs in NZ as Peace ambassador and their representative to the United Nations .He was in Geneva recently and met with representatives who work alongside indigenous groups in the UN. His intention is to sit at the table with all the other indigenous tribes and nations within the UN, representing the  indigenous people of’ Aotearoa ‘New Zealand..

He just finished supporting’ Hot Water ‘ band from South Africa at the Winston  in Amsderdam and has been speaking at peace gatherings in and around there,

Music releases.

BillyTK and Powerhouse 197O..’Move on up’ released by EMI music NZ.

BillyTK and Powerhouse 1974 at the St James theatre ..Southern Waiata Music.

BillyTK ..Race into the infinite..collection 1,Southern Waiata Music..

Video clips on YOUTUBE and My Space., and can be reached on Facebook.



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