Bob Hillary

bob and cowsSunday 17 Nov @ 1.45pm – Mainstage, Uki Buttery

Bob Hillary specialises in Soulfolkdubreggae and he seems to be spreading a lot of love & positivity through his gigs and music. Bob has released 2 albums, ‘NATURE’S PACE’ (2010) & ‘LOVE’ (2012) on the Big Chill label.

Bob grew up on a small rural farm in South England, and his songs have a strong eco message. He sings of the planets evolution, hope for the future, spirituality and change. Having recently moved off grid to the mountains of Wales, Bob has now started to teach children and adults about how to live off-grid and  the wonderous benefits of nature.

His approach to music is very grass roots and community minded. He avoids the major festival and labels, preferring instead to play the alternative and more down to earth festivals.   This summer Bob is touring Australia and New Zealand and is very excited about it!

Bob’s music is getting radio play in the U.S, UK and New Zealand & Australia. His new album ‘LOVE’ is currently being released worldwide and is available at

His latest single ‘THE EARTH SONG’ is as a free download from the website.  Check it out….


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