Elias Harmony & The Peace Collective

FRIDAY 16TH @ 7.30PM                         VENUE: THE HOLY TRINITY CHURCH

Elias Harmony has always been drawn to love. Twenty years ago his passion crystalised with the discovery of his voice and singing songs of devotion. Over the years he found that singing Bhajans (spiritual songs) in the Ancient language of Sanskrit put him in touch with a Divine spiritual experience deeper than any meditation or spiritual affiliation.

“Sanskrit is so ancient, and these songs have been sung for so many thousands of years, that when you sing them you immediately activate a Divine energy that is present in the very atmosphere that we breathe. For me it’s a way of instantly getting connected to the source, which is pure Love. It’s not just about singing songs but about the intent in which we sing them. In this way it becomes a healing experience.”

Elias loves playing music for fun and soulful devotion, that uplifts and transports himself and listeners into a sacred space. His powerful voice is both sweet and smoothly lyrical, energising the atmosphere and gently leading you into deep still places.


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