Kerrianne Cox

SATURDAY 17TH, 5.30PM – 6.00PM

Kerrianne’s music celebrates the spiritual depths of her culture and the struggles of the First People’s road to empowerment. Each song is a story of transformation, a healing journey towards Sovereignty.

 Her signature song, “Beagle Bay Dreaming” has brought her beloved home and country – Beagle Bay in the remote North West Kimberley region of Western Australia – into the hearts and minds of people all over the world. She has performed all over the country and toured internationally, extensively throughout the United States, Canada, South Africa and New Caledonia.

 With a powerful, soulful voice reminiscent of the great women of jazz and blues, Kerrianne captivates and moves audiences in a very special way.  She is deeply passionate about music and the healing that takes place through music. Through song she is able to share the vision from a culture that cannot be contained within stone monuments, a culture that reveres the Earth as the Mother-source of all the living.

 Kerrianne Cox is more than a singer/songwriter, she regularly conducts song writing workshops which heal, inspire and uplift diverse audiences.

In more recent times, Kerrianne has been instrumental in motivating and inspiring women throughout the Northern Rivers NSW region and beyond to come together in healing circles and cultural exchange gatherings, supporting women to develop leadership in self-governance and sharing the wisdom of the world’s oldest living culture, in an initiative called Women For Change. Through her leadership, knowledge and strong connection to land and culture she builds a bridge and encourages all to walk forward in peace and harmony together. Kerrianne invites all women to join her, to come together, to talk, to share, to heal and be empowered.


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