Thami (Africa)

Saturday 4.20pm MAIN STAGE

Thami Mlostshwa


A one man choir channeling the voices of ancient africa.

Thami stands as one man alone but when the throat opens an ancient African village dances out demanding to be heard. He is the innkeeper to the disembodied maqwua. From the deepest baritones to the sweetest soprano’s they come till the vessel they sing thru can sing no more.

In tribal explosion Thami dominates the stage. He has played for paupers and kings, dignitaries and the dying alike.

Repeatedly crowned “The Prince of African Song and Dance” across many African countries from the age of 10. Mentored and loved by Africa’s greats including Miriam Mekaba, Pat Shange, Phillip Tabne and Nina Simone to name but a few.

Residencies at the famous Kilimanjaro Hotel in Tanzania and the Savoy in London and every imaginable venue in between followed. Thami is a true global citizen spending his whole life touring every corner of the globe.

Thami defies description but audiences delight to hear him sing whether it be jazz fusion or ancient african. Thami is a one in a million we are so honoured to share this experience with Uki

His Master work the “Spirit Sings” will soon be available for purchase in strictly limited numbers.


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