The Kellie Gang

Sept 12 012happy asThe Kellie Gang play a mix of blues, skiffle, rags and rock-a-billy. Headed by

The Kellie Gang is headed by Ms. Kellie Barnett who is an energetic vocalist, songwriter and trombone player. Kellie has sung and played trombone since she was a young girl. Her enjoyment of performing is well displayed in her inspirational vocals which are both powerful and passionate. Kellie is a very amusing and captivating entertainer.

On guitar is Scrubby Pete, playing authentic old school blues and rockabilly styles. His many years of performance both on guitar and vocals make for great listening and his comical mischievous flair is warming and humorous.

On double bass duties is Robert Renfrew with his unique, relaxed and intuitive feel. His joy of music is contagious adding keyboard and vocals to his kaleidoscopic musical talents.

The combining of these three diverse personalities makes for a dynamic and spontaneous mixture of entertainment. This is The Kellie Gang.


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