Wall of Love

Wall of Love _horizontalSunday 17 Nov @ 9.30am – MainStage, Uki Buttery

Wall of Love formed from an unlikely but easy compatibility between a Sydney musician whose roots lie in post-punk, disco and inner-city country rock and three friends from Brisbane with a proclivity for folk, who all now hail from northern NSW.

Before moving to Snake Creek in 2009, Shannon Lacy (vocals, guitar, bass) played in Sydney bands The Reillys, Idiom Flesh, The Majestics and Saturday Night Fever tribute band 104 and Rising.

Rhett Brambleby (vocals, guitar, bass) discovered guitar as a 17-year-old exchange student in Ecuador, and the love affair hasn’t abated two decades on for this diverse, prolific singer songwriter.

Carmen Myler (vocals, keys) grew up in a house with no vegemite but on a steady diet of traditional Irish tunes, and the best and worst of the 70s and 80s,which continue to influence her musicality.

Jamie Irvine (percussion) took to drums early in life but set them aside until the rhythm could no longer be placated and he now seeks to find the ideal work/drum balance.

The music they make together is unsurprisingly eclectic, delightfully melodic but always about the love.


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