Ellie Beck

Ellie BeckEllie Beck, a co‐founder of creative collective Hey Maker!, has been making and
creating since she was a young child. Growing up in an artistic family, combined
with Steiner schooling, Ellie’s creative skills were nurtured and encouraged.
in her creative practice, Ellie screen prints her (and her husbands)
designs and sews little pieces for their at‐home organic textile business, Red
Seed Studio. Ellie enjoys the slow process of making something, using threads
and scraps, the journey of holding the texture of a fabric in her hands is an
important part of the making of things. Ellie also enjoys stitching, embroidery,
crochet, painting, drawing, writing, photographing, plant dyeing and creating
with her children.


Hey Maker! is a new creative collective based in Murwillumbah and surrounds. Our aim is to enliven the creative arts scene in the Murwillumbah CBD, and make connections throughout our beautiful valley. We host pop‐up events, shops and workshops encouraging people to learn a new skill, or re‐think  their creative practices using sustainable materials.


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