Edith Streiner

Edith Streiner

was born in Canada and arrived in Australia in 1971. As a child she remembers many hours in creative activity with her mother, where her imagination could  run freely. Edith’s love for drawing developed early in life and her natural art of doodling depicting  the natural world became an important part of her creativity.

In the early 80’s she moved to Magnetic Is. attracted to the water and the simplicity of a boating lifestyle . Here she could doodle away freely to her heart’s content while traveling, enjoying the close proximity of her environment and its inhabitants giving her a deep sense of  respect and understanding for the natural world. Her illustrations immerse you in a complex world of detail and colourful design full of fun and love that she feels for her environment.

Of recent years she has become drawn towards printmaking, exploring the soft velvety lines and textural beauty of printmaking and the endless possibilities and techniques applied.
Her enjoyment running workshops with adults and children have been very inspirational.

Edith lives in Uki, Northern NSW in an artistically inspired home built with abundant timber and recycled materials by her partner and herself. Her dog Beau completes a life in paradise where she happily shares artistic creativity, organic gardening and food with  the people around her.
      Thanks again! edx



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