The annual membership of $20 is great value for


all that we provide and is a valuable show of support for Ukitopia Arts Collective….

so much so that if you feel we deserve more or can afford a little bit more please take advantage of  our middle ( $35)  or higher income ( $60)  membership opportunities.

We are now offering the opportunity for you to choose the level of financial support you offer.

High income (or you’re feeling really abundant) membership fee $60 pa

Middle income suggested membership fee $35 pa

Low income/concession membership fee $20 pa

Members are entitled to:

  1.  discounted entry to Ukitopia events ( 10 events in 2012!)
  2.   the availability for Ukitopia to auspice your  art related projects
  3.  has the benefit of the Ukitopia public liability insurance for your Ukitopia supported workshops which lead up to an Ukitopia Event (with prior negotiation)
  4. promote your event /workshop to the Ukitopia database
  5. regular email updates of Ukitopia News, grants and opportunities and other local events of interest
  6.  the opportunity to participate in  Ukitopia  performing, decision making, planning and volunteering
  7.  a membership card
  8.  right to vote at AGM
  9.  be supported in your creative industries endeavors by experienced and skilled mentors.

 If you would like to become a member please  1.   Fill out the attached form and email to and pay by payment by internet transfer  account name  Ukitopia Arts Collective bsb 722744 acc no. 133592

2. Print it off and send to po box 3411 Uki with a  cheque or money order.
Memberships are annual and renewed in September.

Download here: Ukitopia Membership Form


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